Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Meet Minnie Bonnaire

  1. She is seventy-five years old
  2. She is a retired cruise ship captain but now works as a fortune cookie writer
  3. She lives alone in a small apartment in Saint Petersburg, Florida
  4. She has three cats and four dogs
  5. She has two birds, Reggie and Sampson
  6. She has a fear of confrontation
  7. She is secretly insanely wealthy
  8. She has short and curly graying red hair
  9. She is terrible at art but she does it anyway
  10. Her favorite show is Arrested Development
Minnie Bonnaire loves giving the illusion that she lives a peaceful life, but she hates actually living one. She wakes up to the sweet sounds of her birds, Reggie and Sampson, having a conversation about how much they love each other. Or hate each other. She can't really tell, but it sounds nice. After making her bed, she heads to the kitchen to make some breakfast. She always burns her toast, but she blames it on her toaster rather than her negligence in favor of her rambunctious clan of cats and dogs. Life was simple enough so far, but this was only the first half hour of a very long day.

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