Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two People Are Leaving a Building

Two people are leaving a building. No, wait, scratch that. Two people are fleeing a building. Sandra and David emerged from the prison as they waited for the deafening sirens to snitch them out for their master prison-break. By the time this occurred, however, the couple was far enough away to know that they were free. They were picked up in their friend's getaway car, making out the whole way to their sparkling piles of stolen gold jewelry that would make Scrooge McDuck seem like a common bum. Sandra and David slid the car door shut and held hands as they frolicked into the warehouse that had sheltered their loot. No one could find them here. Hand in hand, the couple descended into their gold pile and looked at the rusty, mysteriously stained roof. Jesus could walk on water, but Sandra and David were walking on gold. As the couple lied down in their treasure and gazed into each others eyes, they realized that there was nothing more romantic than spending a Tuesday evening breaking out of jail with your beloved.

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