Friday, April 7, 2017

Was Shrek Really Life?

Was Shrek Really Life? 
An Original "Block 4 Period 1 Creative Writing" Collaborative Story

Even in November you can find beauty in nature. However, this was February, and the snow that plagues our city and creates a mound of slush is anything but beautiful. Today I watched my sixty-four year old neighbor slip from the slush and I realized there is no beauty in February. But, I thought about it and realized that February is beautiful because my sister was born. She and I donned our snow gear and started walking to school; as always, I instructed her to hold my hand. However, she was being stubborn as usual and got hit by a car, which is pretty unfortunate considering my mom will totally blame me. Shrek flew from the clouds and resurrected my sister. He really is like an onion, you know: layered.

When I got home, my mother noticed a green tint to my sister's skin and instantly glared at me. She tried to again blame me for my sister's skin having a green tint. Of course, I couldn't tell her about Shrek because even though it wasn't my fault, she somehow would make it out to be. Then I woke up; my sister was there, holding a toothbrush.

"Time to get up," she said.
"I dreamed you were resurrected by Shrek," I told her, still half asleep.
"That would explain my Shrek-like antler-looking ears and the reason why I am wearing this completely hideous outfit. I made a new friend," my sister said, and donkey walked into my room saying he's making waffles.

My sister may have been happy, but I live in fear to this day.

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