Friday, May 12, 2017

The Creature

Deep in a creek there’s a creature that reeks.
Not a Greek myth or an antique gift from the stone age,
Not to tweak with or to play hide and seek with or engage.
It’s a funny little thing but it’ll kill you in a second.
No frills, no thrills, no goodwill, and they’re found in Quebec, and
They say it was invented by the bay just down the way
By a scientist whose science is a bouquet of crazy.
Well not a scientist, really, but rather another funny thing:
It was a giant alien cyclops the size of a triceratops
Who has a biomed degree he probably faked in photoshop.
The miniature creature will lure you in with song;
A long song so strong it'll make you come along.
No sense of right or wrong,
Not legal in Guangdong,
A fear of Neil Armstrong’s.
So if you find yourself in Canada make sure you have some stamina
To avoid the monster doctor's concoction like some vague pneumonic plague,
Or you'll suffer a fate more unfortunate than the mills of Amoskeag.

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