Thursday, May 18, 2017

Schadenfreude/Jubilation Companion Poems

Whenever you look to buy something new,
Like a cool t-shirt or a nice pair of shoes,
Someone will tell you to say adieu
To your new purchases, but please pull through;
You know they won't bring any joy that is true,
But those shorts are on sale and they look good on you, too!
It's been said way too much that money turns you askew,
So do what you want and do what is you.

Alright, you get it, you've been told to see through
The evils of materialism and all it can do.
So what are you supposed to do in lieu
Of indulging yourself in your earned revenue?
You can kiss your beloved or enjoy a nice view;
You can fall in love in an old wood canoe
You can hug your best friend or laugh at a baby's "achoo!"
You can frolic in the flowers (you always loved that peacock blue);
But let's be honest, and I'm no guru,
That those who believe in fake happiness are far and few.
No one knows true joy, and we all know it's true.
No one is fooling themselves; we have more than a clue.
There is no escape from Earth's dark rendezvous,
So why not just buy those overpriced shoes?

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