Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Tragicomedy of Stewart Willis

“5.2 million dollars?” cried Stewart as he lied in his fifty thousand dollar bed. He threw his thirty two thousand dollar phone across the room, wincing as he saw a glint of broken glass fall to the floor when it fell to the floor. Oh well. He can just buy another one.
Wait a minute, no he can’t. He’s 5.2 million dollars in debt.
As a popular nineties sitcom star, Stewart Willis had always lived a life of luxury. His favorite thing to do was spend, and it was no problem; residuals were still coming in from late night reruns. Though he had lost his popularity with the new age, for some reason people simply could not give up the cheesiness and forced comedy of Bidets of Our Lives, so Stewart continued to shovel his money into the furnace of materialism. Although he loved money, however, he was not very smart with it. This was probably why he had found himself in 5.2 million dollars in debt.

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